Who We Are

Earth Polymer design is a sales and networking organization that operates throughout North, Central and South Americas. Our mission is to help repair the earth by scaling up and placing more eco-friendly, renewable and even compostable materials into use. We offer hemp plastic hybrid bio-plastics, microbiologic PHA and PHBH true bioplastics, hemp and other agricultural and postindustrial waste paper and paper packaging, plus a full line of high quality PCR plastic at very competitive prices. Switching to these materials could realize your company some very significant carbon reduction statistics. Contact us today for a free comparison analysis and an opportunity to add to your company’s sustainability and green initiatives.

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Meet Our Team

Joel Sugarman


Founder and company visionary Joel Sugarman has been thinking about how to improve planet Earth his whole adult life. After a 40 year career in the janitorial and industrial cleaning industry, it was time once again to focus on a new and earth repairing venture. Earth Polymer Design is the result. Joel is an expert sales and networking consultant, with a desire to live and work in Latin America, and this company fulfills that vision. EPD’s Gran Jefe is also a father of two additional stewards of the earth, his daughter Sarah and son Eric. For fun and diversion, Sugarman is also a professional bass guitarist with over 50 years of musical experience. He’s an avid gardener who also loves to blast through the local greenway trails on his e-bike. Blues is healing music. Sustainable material use will allow us to heal the planet.

Sonia Villalón


Sonia Villalón is the Latin American Business Manager at Earth Polymer Design International. Sonia manages our clients in the Latin American plastics industry. She has dedicated herself to Sales and Business during her first working years, obtaining a vast practical experience that she has enriched with different courses and seminars in Sales, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration.

Being green is more than just "eco."

It is an unshakeable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle.

Jennifer Nini