The Planet is in Dire Need of Bioplastics

We are literally choking the oceans with plastic that we mine and manufacture, while only recycling a small portion of it. Just the amount of water bottles discarded in one single day is astounding, let alone the millions of tons of other plastic material that is discarded daily as well. If we don’t start taking bigger steps to mitigate this global problem, future generations will not be able to enjoy beaches, fishing, clean drinking water and so many other things that we take for granted now. This is why a senior citizen like me decided to start a bioplastics company when I should be thinking about retirement.

We met The Hemp Plastics Company founder on LinkedIn, and as soon as we saw what they offered, and more importantly, where they were going, we were on board! Their mission of producing drop-in replacements for typical molded petroleum-derived plastics with hemp-filled polymer resonated heavily with me, and we formed a relationship that allowed me to sell their replacement resins.

Earth Polymer Design International is dedicated to replacing non-sustainable plastic with eco-friendly bio-plastics that are competitively priced and function as well or better than their less earth-friendly counterparts.

The most satisfying part of starting this business is that our customers typically are as passionate about replacing earth-destroying plastics with more sustainable alternatives as we are. They hear the earth groaning under the immense pressure it receives from plastic waste and are anxious to do something about it NOW.

EPDI offers a solution that moves us toward more earth-friendly plastics that are sustainable with hemp-filled polymer resins that we offer. We can no longer afford to wait when there is a solution that is currently available with hemp bio-plastics.

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